Maryland DUI/DWI Defense

I have been representing individuals charged with violating Maryland’s DUI and DWI laws in both the District and Circuit Courts, and in Federal Court throughout the State since 1987. I also represent people at the Office of Administrative Hearings. DUI and DWI are serious traffic violations in Maryland. They are expensive, scary, and embarrassing. Further, these violations may carry points, fines, and the possibility of a jail sentence. You already know this or you wouldn’t be searching for a Lawyer.

The Prosecution of DWI/DUI in the District or Circuit Court is part of the Judicial branch of Government. You can be fined and sentenced to Jail and other penalties such as community service, attending alcohol education classes, MADD victim impact sessions and the like. The Judicial branch, however, does not assess points. This function is administered by the MVA, which is a part of the Executive branch of Government. The MVA does not have the legal authority to incarcerate you.

But the MVA will try to suspend and in certain cases revoke your drivers license based on several factors, including the BAC reading, prior offenses and taking the breath test or refusing. I have represented people defending their driver’s license at these administrative hearings since 1987. I can help you keep your driving privilege at the administrative hearing, or help you get a work permit, if you are eligible. Perhaps the most onerous sanction that the MVA imposes is the revocation of your license. I will work very hard to prevent this. Once your license has been revoked, it can be very difficult, expensive, and time consuming to have it reinstated. I have helped clients with this and I must tell you it can be done, but avoiding revocation is of the utmost importance.

Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) and Driving While Impaired (DWI) are criminal offenses in the State of Maryland. The Police will confiscate your license on the spot, you will be issued a temporary license that expires unless you request a hearing in writing and pay a fee to the MVA. You should read this document very carefully. You should not waste any time consulting a Lawyer. I offer a free consultation. When you come to my office please bring this important document and all other paperwork with you. I am not writing this to scare you, but I realize that without a driver’s license life can become very difficult. I am here to help. If you can’t afford an attorney see the Public Defender as soon as possible.

I am dedicated to helping people with DUI and DWI related issues. Feel free to call me directly on my cell phone and I will discuss your situation, and if appropriate, schedule a free initial consultation. I’ve been successfully defending people charged with DUI and DWI cases in Maryland for nearly a quarter of a century. Call me, or if you type in your name and number on the contact box I will receive an e-mail directly on my I-phone and return your call. I also encourage second opinions.

Did you know that many lawyers pay enormous sums to website companies who literally create all of the content contained in the fancy and impressive site? Some Attorneys haven’t even read the vast and complex posts on their own site! Ask your attorney about a complex blog post and if he or she is clueless beware. If the fee seems high or you feel uncomfortable do not sign anything. Retain your charging documents and seek a second opinion.
I treat my clients as I would wish a family member be treated. I have handled cases ranging from first time offenses to multiple offender vehicular manslaughter. I will be honest with you.
Call me at 410-491-0227 cell, e-mail me by typing your name and number in the contact box, or call my main number at 410-391-0552. My fees are reasonable.