Drug Offenses

Drug convictions can run the gamut from outright Dismissal, Stet, Probation before Judgment, and 0utright Conviction.  The law involving possession of a small amount of marijuana is in a state of flux. Increasingly, the Legislature is moving toward a more humane approach to those suffering a medical condition who have been prescribed marijuana for legitimate medical treatment. There are also diversion programs and drug courts available in appropriate cases. This varies dramatically from county to county and the city but on the whole it is a misdemeanor that can usually be resolved without a conviction.

Possession of a large quantity of CDS (controlled dangerous substances)  can lead to federal drug charges and a lengthy prison sentence. I will develop your defense consistent with the facts and circumstances of your case to obtain the best possible outcome.  My ultimate goal is to protect your record and keep you out of jail. The State must prove each and every element in this crime by a very high and ponderous burden, in other words beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty. Often times the State is unable to meet this weighty burden. Having an experienced criminal trial attorney at your side is of the utmost importance.

Looking for the best outcome.
For a first-time offender, my mission is to resolve your case in a way that will not have an adverse effect on your future. An offer of probation is not necessarily a good deal if you will end up with a criminal conviction that will haunt you for the rest of your life. Maryland offers probation before judgment for many first-time drug offenders. If you complete the probation successfully, you will not be adjudicated and will not end up with a criminal record.

If you face serious felony charges such as distribution of drugs or manufacturing heroin, cocaine, marijuana or meth, I will provide you with an aggressive and hard-hitting defense. I will investigate the circumstances of the drug search and seizure, and determine if any evidence should be suppressed. For example, if the police did not have probable cause to stop or search you, I will expose that misconduct in an attempt to have the drug charges dismissed or reduced. I rarely handle drug cases where I don’t have my client enrolled in a drug treatment program before we appear in court. If you are found guilty and are not in treatment, the judge will not look at you favorably during sentencing. For that reason, I usually refer my clients to treatment programs early in the court process.

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